Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Resolution

So, every year I hear the same thing; New years resolutions. This is, as of right now, this post, a thing of the past!

This year I want to try something new, and I want everyone to get into it. This year we are setting a Halloween resolution! Here is the plan, I want everyone to make a goal, on that will be achievable by Christmas. Your goal can be anything reasonable. A few example could be lose 10 pounds, be able to run 5 km non-stop, set a new time on your run, bike or swim, be able to do 10 push ups, do a muscle up, be able to bench 200 lb, etc, etc.

Something you might be asking, why now? Simple, this time of the year is always busy for people. So if you are able to set a goal, and reach it during this busy time, you can do it at any time!

How it’s going to work. I’d like everyone to reply either on this blog, or in the Facebook Tough Mudder group, let me know your goal. I’m posting this now so you’ve got some time to think about it prior to Halloween. Each week I’ll post on the blog, asking for a progress update. This can be as indepth as you want, you can write about everything that’s happened every day, or you can post saying “things are going well”. I’m willing to offer any sort of advice, if asked.

So get a goal in mind, let me know what you’re thinking. The official start date will be Halloween, but it never hurts to start today!


PS. I’d really like to hear from everyone, I’d love to have a lot of communication going, to help people stay on track.

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