Monday, September 10, 2012

Tough Mudder Group - FTE

How it works: Each exercise is to be done one after another. For example, in this workout, you do 3 push ups, then 3 lunges, then 3 burpees, then back to 6 push ups, 6 lunges, etc.

There is no designated rest time during these workouts. Ideally you do 3 push ups, then lunges, then burpees, then start on 6, without stopping at all. Now, if you are able to do the whole workout without stopping at all, you should be using the “too easy?” option below.

If you need to take breaks, but are able to complete at least 1 full rep of the exercise, that is good. Keep going! This should be difficult, and you should be pushing yourself. Allow yourself enough time resting to complete at least 1 more rep (meaning maybe 10-30 second at most!)

If you can’t complete even 1 push up, or 1 lunge, or 1 burpee, see the “too hard?” option below.

3/6/9 Push up
3/6/9 Lunge (per leg)
3/6/9 Burpees

Too hard?
Push up with knee as pivot.
Split squat style lunge, no step.
Lay down, stand up.

Too easy?
Plyo push up - can be clap, gorilla, or full
Jumping lunge - hips still, or switch kick in air
FULL burpee with pull up - push up at bottom, add (jumping) pull up at top

Now I’m well aware that people are all sorts of different fitness levels in this group. If you have your own workout plan, cool, let us know what you’ve got going on! How often are you training? What type of training? Do you feel/see it working?

The idea of these plans I’m posting is to help progress to things like the workout plan shown right on the Tough Mudder site (

These workouts ARE NOT REQUIRED for you to be in the group. I just thought it would be a nice little addition to help people keep on track. I’d like people to do the workout, and time themselves. The idea behind this is every 3-4 weeks a workout will repeat, ideally you’ll have a better time. This will also help people see where they sit in comparison to other people. Which would be great if you’d like to workout with partners who are also in the group.

If you are embarrassed, or shy, don’t post your time. No worries! But keeping some sort of responsibility to a group is a great way to keep motivated. Even if you just want to post that you’ve done it, that would be awesome!

Please, encourage each other, workout with each other if possible, congratulate people on new times, or new achievements (eg. can do a full pull up). I would love to see our whole team active as a team, and strong as a team (mentally first, physically second).

This one goes out to all my mudders and potential mudders,

PS. Don’t forget to do some cardio. I’ll post more about that later!


  1. Nice! If you do it again this week, I'd suggest doing the "too easy?" options.

  2. Ugh, burpees, Better doing them off skates for sure.

    3:18 for me. I did man push ups, and jumping burpees (forgot how normal ones are done) but by the 9 circuit wasn't going down all the way. I think I need to work on my form before going to the harder option.