Sunday, September 23, 2012


As per always, make sure to warm up a little prior to working out. 5-10 minutes of walking/jogging/running is a good way to get a quick, full body, warm up. Right to the point, here’s the workout:

3/6/9 - Mountain Climber (per leg) - eg.
3/6/9 - Body row - eg.
3/6/9 - Alternating dead bug (per side) - eg.
3/6/9 - Bench squats - eg. (ignore the bar, this will be done with body weight).

I’d like you to try and complete this workout twice this week (at least). It’s going to feel like a step up from last week, but don’t worry, you’ve got it!

Too hard?
Mountain climber - hold onto a bench and lift legs to elbows, so your body is at a 45 (ish) degree angle to the ground.
Body row - the more upright you are, the easier it is. Simply find yourself an angle that is comfortable.
Alternating dead bug - hold your arms and legs straight up for 3/6/9 seconds. No movement involved.
Bench squats - Higher chairs/benches are easier.

Too easy?
Mountain climber - either speed up, or attempt to get your knee past your elbows
Body row - The closer you are to laying on the floor, the harder this exercise becomes. Change the angle until you find an angle that is a challenge.
Alternating dead bug - Instead of alternating, you bring down both arms and legs at the same time. As shown in the video.
Bench squats - lowering the height of the chair/bench will make this a harder exercise.

Important things to keep in mind!
Mountain climbers, try not to let your back to round, keep your spine's natural curvature, and keep your hips lower than your shoulders, don’t allow them to pop up, and sit really high.
Body row, keep a strong core throughout the whole movement, don’t allow the lower back to round or arch.
Alternating dead bug, imagine if you will, your belly button. Now imagine it trying to meet your spine for dinner, your belly button is a big fan of your spine, in fact, Mr. Belly Button wants to date the spine. What am I getting at? Try to draw your belly button into your spine, let those two cuddle their problems away. The entire time you’re doing this movement keep your lower back against the floor. Do not allow an arch in your back, at all.
Bench squats, refer to image below, the only difference being that you won’t be holding a bar, just doing body weight. Also, keep your core (everything around your belly/back strong, and in good posture).

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